A downloadable game for Windows

A basic space craft game made with unity 3d by a 13 year old boy who's been programming for about 3 years. If you love sci-fi game then this is just for you download it try it and leave a comment down below!

- Thank You! :) -

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Extract it

3. Play it and have fun beating the 12-th round!!! :)


Space Lord.rar 80 MB


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For a young dev, it's pretty solid. The tilting ship is a particularly nice touch. I look forward to what you make in the future!

Right now the pacing is pretty stiff, like it's a tutorial you followed rather than a game. Adding in some kind of boss thing, weapon powerups, or clustered enemies rather than one-by-one enemies would add a lot. If you're having hard time making assets, consider teaming up with someone.

When I play a shmup like this, I really want to feel my life is on the line. There are loads of simple tricks you can use: try searching for Jan Willem Nijman / Vlambeer. There's several great videos about simple things you can do to make your game intense!

Pretty solid effort, even if this is as far as you take it. It'll look good on future resumes, especially if you spice it up.

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wow thanks very much dude i really appreciate what you just typed well yea this is kind an old project i mean its been a 4week since i finished it so i decided why not upload it on itch and see what happens :D but yea your totaly right thinking above you said i might continue on with this project but not right now cause i'm kind of busy working on my android game which i'll upload also on itch so yeaa and again Thank You for checking it on :)

Good luck!